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About us

Thailand Italia Ltd is a seller from Thailand, We offer many products made in Thailand and Southeast Asia for over five years with an extensive collection of scarves (pashmina-cashmire-silk),handbags,wood products,batik, incenses,clothing,soaps,hats,skin care,and more.

Thailand Italia Ltd offers its customers the shopping experience. Our aim is to offer a wide assortment of brands and models with excellent customer service and our online store is easy to use. From the first visit to the home page of our customers can conveniently make purchases quickly and without problems.

Safe sasy shopping

Putting the items in the cart, our customers can choose from different payment methods. The purchase can be paid by Credit card, PayPal or Bank transfer. After placing your order, our customers are informed about the status of the shipment. Each client is assigned a serial http://farmaciaitaly.com/viagra.html number by which it is possible to follow the pack to the place of delivery.

Free Shipping and Returns

On Thailand Italia Ltd the customer does not pay a single penny for the shipping of your order! Unlike other online stores, on Thailand Italia Ltd is not a mandatory minimum of expense. No matter the product costs 9$ or 99$, shipping is always free!
It may happen that a dress or a shoe have a wrong size, we understand perfectly! For this reason, the return from Thailand Italia Ltd is completely free.

Complete and personalized service

Our customers can be informed about news and fashion trends is through our toll-free number or via e-mail. We offer our customers a complete service, personalized and efficient without long waiting times.