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Returns and refunds

60 Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re very aware that you are making a choice to shop with us and that today there are many great places to shop. We want you to know that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the merchandise to us within 60 days for a full refund or for an exchange. All we ask is that the product is in basic new condition, (tried on indoors and resalable as new) and that you return the original box.

Here Are The Details:

–All returns and exchanges should be received by us within 60 days from when you received them. Does this mean that after 61 days we’re going to turn you away? No, not necessarily, the advantage of being a small independent store is that we have the ability to bend the rules and doing so is a matter of routine in order to accommodate our clients. All items should be in new, unworn condition, without scratches or in any way damaged and in the original box. Unfortunately we cannot accept any items that are not deemed to be in resalable condition, unless they are deemed manufacturer defective.

— Please include all original boxes and package things carefully so that shoes remain undamaged in transit. Please make sure to place the box inside another outside box as you should have received it this way, or wrap it with proper exterior covering and interior packing materials. This helps keep our costs and therefore our prices down. Please do not tape or deface original manufacturer boxes.

In order to receive timely handling of your return, all items should be sent to this address, even if they were shipped to you from another location.

2 Sukhumvit Road
Khlong Toei
10110 Bangkok

If you have no paperwork, that’s okay. You should include a quick note with your name, contact information, and order number if you have it. Please simply state detailed instructions as to how we should handle your return or exchange. Please be as specific as possible in writing to us. You may also converse with us via phone or email if you have questions.


If you wish us to credit your credit/debit card, we will credit you the complete cost of the shoes. We do not normally refund any shipping costs you may have incurred either from us or in sending items back to us. Refunds are typically processed within 1-3 business days from when we receive the items but may take a little time to post to your account depending on the policies of your bank.


If you wish to make an exchange, please make sure to include specific information about the brand, style, size, and color that you would like, and we will process the requested exchange as soon as possible but usually within 1-2 business days from when we receive the items. Usually it helps speed things up if you alert us ahead of time as to the exchange items that you’d like. This way we can arrange to have your desired items set aside for you. As always, just call or send us an email and we’ll take great care of these things for you.

Return Shipping:

At this time we do not normally pay for your return shipping costs back to us, unless you received a defective product or we sent an incorrect product. Please read on for clarification.

Exchange Shipping:

If your original order qualified for free shipping, we will pay for standard shipping from us to you again, even several times if need be. If your original order did not qualify for free shipping, we will charge you the original shipping cost to send you every exchange.

Defective or Incorrect Merchandise:

In the rare instance that we mis-ship or you receive defective products please contact us by phone or by email within 30 days and we will resolve this right away normally by sending you a prepaid UPS return shipping label and will seek to replace the products for you. Again, we enjoy flexibility in how we handle each situation so please do contact us in the event that you need some help in returning or exchanging. For defective or incorrect shipments abroad, we regretfully cannot supply prepaid labels or offer to cover return shipping costs.

Free Return Shipping on Defects:

For defective items that are unworn, we will examine them upon receipt and we will attempt to make a predetermination as to whether they are defective or not. If they are determined to be defective, we can either refund you for the cost of the items or send you a replacement pair. If they are determined not to be defective, we may charge you $8.50 if we supplied a shipping label, and we may at your option either send them back to you, or exchange them for another pair.

For defective items that are worn, we will examine them upon receipt and we will determine whether there is value in returning them to the manufacturer for further examination. If they are determined to be defective, we can either send you a replacement items. We do not currently offer refunds on worn defective merchandise. We can only replace these items or exchange for another style at this time. If they are determined not to be defective, we may charge you $8.50 if we supplied a prepaid shipping label, and we may send the items back to you. Again, we are fairly lenient on our defective policy. We have not been in the item business for over 85 years without a true desire to help our customers and to treat people fairly. If something isn’t manufactured the way it should have been we want to know about it and for good reason. We don’t want to sell poorly made shoes or be known for recommending ill fitting items. We will seek out a solution to make it right for you. We understand the value of a happy customer and having this good product knowledge helps us make better recommendations in the future.

*If you are located in an area that is outside of the continental TH, the appropriate shipping charge will apply for all exchanges. If you have any questions about this policy we will gladly clarify it for you. As always, just get in touch with us and we’ll do our very best to help.

Thank you.